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Sariya water falls

Preface or Gibberish:

We make plans, and then another thing happens. We came to Vizag for some work and on Friday I thought to myself, this weekend is for sleeping only, but No! Ramesh Babu is not a supportive person at all. He said, “We should not waste our holidays, should visit somewhere”. I said, “ We are not wasting, just recharging our bodies. And what more to watch here, we have seen everything.” He poked my belly a little and said, “Seen or not, we will go outside so that you don’t grow your pot belly anymore and this place we have not seen yet.” I became sad, what is wrong with my harmless round belly and look at these three other accomplices, they are behind Ramesh, flashing their teeth like hundred watt LED bulbs. Nah! I have to leave this group… one day.. maybe one day.

The plan for Sariya Water Falls

Today I am going to talk about an offbeat place, that is just 2 hours away from the city of Visakhapatnam or Vizag.  As I have earlier told, we visited this city several times since my young adulthood and almost every city attraction we have seen before.  So this time, Ramesh’s friend advised us to a comparatively lesser-known place – Sariya Water Falls, also known as Bahubali or Devarapalli Waterfall. Hunting for this waterfall was a little adventure. This blog is about the journey and whether it was worth it or not.

Our team was of five males. We have hired an SUV and followed Google Maps. It was more or less 70Kms from the main city. After 1.5 hours of smooth driving enjoying Andhra village’s sceneries, we reached the stoppage, up to where a four-wheeler can go.

Sariya water falls

The Trekking to Sariya Water Falls:

it seemed like all the odds were against me. No one told me about this 2 km walking or better to say Trekking!! what to do, except mutter in anguish and follow them. But I also took my revenge, by finishing the snacks silently, Ha Ha I am not that easy. Anyways after 15 minutes and some uphills-downhills we reached a little stream.

Sariya water falls

Re Kuch nahi hoga:

The scenery was quite beautiful, this little river was surrounded by hills. But this is not a waterfall, at least not like the photos Ramesh showed me yesterday. Nonetheless, these apes(what can you say, who are always ready to jump) got peace of mind. let’s pull the legs of Ramesh, “ Hey you were trying to scare me off this little trekking and bluffed about the falls, this is a cute little river.” He calmly answered, “We have to cross the river on foot and trek again on the other side to reach Sariya Water Falls”. WTF!! Is he listening to himself,  we have to cross the river, that also a mountain river on foot!! Right that time, Boss came with assurance, ‘Re Kuch nahi hoga(nothing to be worried about), see that person, he will help us” Kuch Nahi Hoga!! the so-called helping person is a smiling elderly with a missing tooth, can he support My weight!! Har har Mahadev!!

Sariya Water Falls

The Real Trekking to  Real Sariya Water Falls:

No, nothing bad happened, we crossed the river safely. The thrill and feeling of running fresh river water were amazing.  After we had to trek again and reached the ticket counter. ticket price was minimal just INR 20 per head. Ahead of the ticket counter, you would reach the foot of the Sariya Water Falls. Amazing!!  The water was coming down from the hill with a roar, I was wondering, how magnificent would be Sariya Water Falls in Monsoon. There are stairs leading to the top of the falls. I already knew that these fellows would not pay heed to my words, so I slowly started climbing the stairs. And again they crossed me at high speed. Always competition, when will they grow, I was thinking these words and searching for remaining chips.

Sariya water falls

The top of Sariya Water Falls:

After some time, the stairs were no more and we had to make our path through the jungle and big rocks. After climbing for more than half an hour we reached the peak and the scenery was STUNNING!!

Sariya water falls

The water flow was going downwards making huge foams and bubbles. In the far distance, we can see the hill ranges covered by green. Blue Sky with cotton-like white clouds was a suitable addition to this beautiful panorama. Now I was wishing to give Ramesh a big hug for coming to this place.

Sariya water Falls

We stayed there till afternoon. As the sun was setting down, the soothing soft yellow light on the hills made the place magical. We bid our adieu to Sariya Water Falls and returned for Vizag.

Do, Don’t & Important Information -Sariya Water Falls:

  1. Timing 09.00 AM to 05.00 PM
  2. The total trekking is around 5 Km and easy to moderate.
  3. Take the service of the old man while crossing the river, he was really helpful and don’t forget to pay him.
  4. You can cross the river barefoot and take shoes with a good grip
  5. Follow government rules and don’t try to take a bath if it is not allowed.
  6. Do not litter the place with plastics, carry them with you and dispose at the right place.
  7. Don’t forget to carry drinking water and food as there are no shops nearby.
Sariya water Falls

“The woods are lovely, dark and deep,

But I have promises to keep,

And miles to go before I sleep,

And miles to go before I sleep.”

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Sariya water falls

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