May 21, 2024

About Us

About  The BloggerDuo :

            Once upon a time( 2013 to be precise) , a wildling met a princess through some mutual friends and both felt connected instantly (lucky wilding  ? )!


 They grew their love for similar instincts like Food, EDM, Travel, etc. They fight often but fell in love more frequently.

To you, we are  ‘bloggerduo’ who always ready to share their experiences so that,

You can find the best restaurants, movies , tracks, books, travel destinations & many more to feel the love of life that we have felt… ?

A few more chitchat about us ~

We live for Food!

 Food has been always an essential part of our life. Hence we always try to experience that side to all extend. click to explore.




Movies and Music always bring us together :

 Who does not love those? Here you can find some reviews & blogs of current & favourites from the perspective of Aam Admi (Mango people)!





This is the section where we would like to discuss regarding skincare, make-up, latest fashions and more. Hope you will like the section.






If we are silent for some time, don’t be worried we are just reading…we love books. Reading calms us.


“Short trips and long tours !”

This is what you may tell we are passionate about. We always try to found time for travelling and the rest of the time we are dreaming, planning & saving money for the next tour.

some of our blogs here :





In short we are the pair who always tries to live their life to the fullest. There will always be ups and down in the voyage of life, but we Paromita & SJ are here with our silly life experiences to stand by You



P.S.: We update our blog regularly.


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