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Review of Levista Premium Instant coffee.

levista premium


  Levista Premium instant coffee ~

                  Hi everyone, how are you all doing? Today I am going to talk about a favourite beverage of mine, coffee. I drink coffee to stay awake and alert. I love the aroma and taste. Whether it is iced cappuccino or hot brewed coffee, I love them all. So I was searching for some good but economic instant coffee other than the usual brands available in the market. I was pursuing different e-commerce websites.

Levista Premium instant coffee:

                  I was pursuing different e-commerce websites. Then suddenly Levista Premium instant coffee came to my notice. it was hidden between the big coffee giants, not too many people had bought it. Anyways I decided to take a chance and ordered it. Now let me tell you some facts about Levista before the coffee gets delivered.

levista coffee review

about the Brand Levista:

      Levista is an Indian brand that started its journey at the end of the year 2017, though the father company is quiet old – the famous SLN coffee. This brand has ventured into the South Indian territory first being headquartered in Karnataka. Levista is prepared of Indian coffee beans from Coorg, Karnataka.

Okay, enough boring stuff for you, let’s come to the point. I had ordered the premium variety; there are two more varieties available strong and extra strong.


levista premium review

           This is what you will notice first and I have fallen in love instantly. Instead of the conventional glass bottle, Levista instant coffee comes in a metal can which looks very premium and classic. The big mouth of the can helps you to take out the coffee easily and keeps out the coffee from getting wet and clot.


                   Here comes the magic. Premium variety contains the blending of Coffee (80%) & Chicory (20%). Now, what is Chicory? You can wiki anytime but in short, Chicory is a fine herb, though basically the root part in roasted condition is blended in the Indian filtered coffee. Chicory enhanced the aroma and taste. It also helps you with various health benefits.

levista premium granules

texture before preparation:

                    The grains felt like a bit darker and bigger than the usual. the coffee is a mixture of dust and granules.

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             I love hot brewed coffee without milk & sugar or cold coffee with milk and cream. I have prepared both, additionally one extra odd method I tried with this one.

                     Now the black coffee has a strong but enigmatic aroma which can give you energy much alone while the iced coffee has a refreshing soothing smell.

texture before preparation:

In case of cold coffee I felt the mellowness of the product, it was so soothing.

levista premium texture


        The blending of coffee beans and chicory enriched the taste and I loved that. Then I prepared cold dark coffee with only ice and water. Friends, glad to tell you that Levista premium passed that with distinction.


I found it comparably cheaper than the other brands available in the market.


         As they have said, I surely fell in love with Levista. I hope you will also give it a try and maybe get an expression like me,

“Voila! I have found it”

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