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Noodle Oodle, Garia a new addition to city’s budget friendly Buffet restaurant. The dessert was awesome. Read the review to know everything..


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Preface :

Nowadays buffet serving restaurants are becoming popular among food lovers of Kolkata. Hence many new restaurants are offering buffet services in Kolkata. Noodle Oodle is one of the newest additions to this list. It is rumored that they provide a quality buffet at a very economic price. So we decided to visit this joint and experience the buffet ourselves. This blog is detailed about the experience and a conclusion whether the buffet service at Noodle Oodle is worth the value or not. This blog also contains the measurement taken by Noodle Oodle, Garia to prevent COVID-19.

**We have visited this restaurant in February’2021.

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Noodle oodle Garia review


Google Address of Noodle Oodle, Garia:

Barhans,, Barhans, Garia, Kolkata, West Bengal 700084

 This restaurant is adjacent to Kavi Nazrul Metro station. It is on the ground floor of Babumashai restaurant.

The Ambience of Noodle Oodle, Garia:

This is a medium-sized spacious restaurant. The interior was decorated with various types of Chinese lanterns of red and golden colour. There were big and small tables for all sizes of groups and enough space was between the tables. The Buffet spread was on the one side of the room and the cocktail jar was on the other side, but both were near to the tables. We chose a table for two and the restaurant was semi-crowded. You shall get a calm vibe, even if everybody is talking.

Noodle oodle Garia review

Hygiene & COVID-19 measurement:  

  • There was a sanitiser spray outside the door.
  • Without a mask, entry was not allowed.
  • No checking of Body temperature.
  • They cleaned the table before our eyes.
  • Payment by electronic mode was available.

This restaurant has maintained preventive measures against Covid-19, though it would be better if only the restaurant workers served the food at the buffet from a distance and had no option for self-service. The washroom was clean.

 Service :

There were pros and cons of their service at Noodle Oodle, Garia. Let me state them point by point.

  • everyone was so humble and attentive.
  • They even provide serve table-wise, if you want. Only at the end, they were a little confused with the Zomato pro payment. But zomato Pro is available there with a lucrative discount of 25% as on that date.

The food we ordered at Noodle Oodle, Garia:

Though it was written that, ala carte menu is available there, but while we asked for the menu, they said that only buffet service is available for the moment. Hence we went for it. As it was a buffet meal I shan’t rate every item separately, rather rate the different courses of the meal. But I would try to describe every item. This rating and review was base on our experience and it may differ for another person.

Soup & Salad:

 At the Noodle Oodle buffet meal two different soups had been served, one was Veg manchow Soup and another was Non-veg  Sweet corn soup.

The next item was salad. Here we also got both veg and non-veg salad for everyone.

Noodle oodle Garia review

Veg Kimchi Salad:

 I was impressed that this joint was serving Kimchi and it tasted quite good. The salad was tangy and sweet.

Chino’s Chicken Salad:

There were small chicken pieces in between cabbage leaves and the salad tasted dull, quite opposite to the veg salad. Didn’t like it.

Rating: 3.5/5

Noodle oodle Garia review


For the starter, there were four items, 2 veg and 2 non-veg items. Jiyang Chilly Chicken, Garlic Pepper Chicken & Smokey Chilly Babycorn, Honey Chilly Potato Finger.

Jiyang Chilly Chicken and Garlic Pepper Chicken:

Both dishes were tasty and juicy, though Garlic pepper chicken was a little bit crunchy.

Smokey Chilly Babycorn & Honey Chilly Potato Finger:

 The veg starters were exceptionally good, especially the potato finger. Baby corns were also fresh. You shall take potato fingers more than once for sure.

As the starters were delicious, everyone was opting for them and sometimes Noodle Oodle management failed to supply the demand. Whenever they were refilling the box, brought a very little portion of the items. Hence the crisis was created again and again. This situation I didn’t like, especially in this covid-19 pandemic situation, was frustrating to wait with fellow foodies.

Overall Rating: 4/5


Now it’s time for the main course. They had a total of 06(Six) items consisting of two veg dishes, two non-veg dishes, one fried rice, one noodle dish.

Veg Fried rice:

I did not like it, the vegetables in the rice were very little. The rice was not well cooked, didn’t tasted good solo like usual fried rice.

 Kung Pao Noodles:

The noodles were a delicious one. It was simple but had spring onions, capsicums, and was well fried. The noodles did not felt oily also.

Noodle oodle Garia review

Seasonal Veg in Chilly Plum Sauce:

It was a gravy item with good vegetables, dipped in vegetable sweet sauce, made from plum. This dish was tasty and the noodles were going good with this.

Schezwan Paneer:

               This dish was pretty ordinary and with a smell. That smell was not bad but we didn’t like it. This dish tasted good also. But it felt good, that they thought for vegans also.

Hot Garlic Fish  & Chicken in chilly Basil Sauce:

While the veg dishes are quite delicious, the non-veg dishes of the main course were more or less similar to the starters except the fish item. The fish item was tasty and fresh.


The dessert will make you smile for sure. There were two simple yet most tasty dishes of the buffet Course.

Darshan with Ice cream:

We were very surprised that they were serving Darsaan. This is the first time, we have had Darsaan in a Kolkata restaurant.  Darsaan is a Chinese sweet dessert made of flat noodles, honey, and deep-fried. One must try this one. Darsaan should be used as a scoop for vanilla ice cream.

Banana Fritters

Banana Fritters was another great and unique dessert, that tasted great at Noodle Oodle, Garia. The management has done a terrific job in selecting the Dessert menu.

Overall Rating: 5/5

Noodle oodle Garia review


They are serving unlimited mocktails @ Rs.99/- and that can be shared if one wished. I don’t know what mocktail is that, but it was not that tasty.

Overall Rating: 6.5/10

Wallet Damage:

Now comes the main question, was that buffet service budget worthy? Well in my opinion if you set aside a few covid-19 related hygiene issues, the mocktail offer and can pursue a bit, then it’s a win-win situation for you.


Shall we revisit it? Well, not at present. Do we recommend it? Yes, absolutely and a great place to have a budget-friendly buffet meal with friends.

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Noodle oodle Garia review
Noodle oodle Garia review
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