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Detail reviewof Wow aloe vera gel

wow pure aloe vera gel review

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Hello! Everyone, Paromita here. How are you all? Today I am gonna talk about one of my trusted pals in my skincare system. I am talking about “WOW Skin Science 99% Pure Aloe Vera Gel”. Aloe Vera Gel is a very discussed topic nowadays and someway almost everybody uses it. But what is aloe vera? what does it do? How is Wow Pure Aloe Vera Gel? Why is it different from others? Everything will be discussed here in this blog. So let’s start!

What is Aloe Vera?

Wow aloe vera gel review
Aloe Vera Plant

Aloe vera is a kind of plant that has parts which are thickened and fleshy, usually to hold water in dry climates and soil condition. Basically, Aloe Vera is a tropical plant. One can grow aloe vera in a pot also as an indoor plant.

What is Aloe Vera Gel?

As aloe vera plants usually grow in hot dry climates, the leaves have water-storing slimy tissues. So the leaves are contained with jelly type material which mainly made of water. It also contains vitamins A, C, E, Vitamin B-12, and folic acid. These are good for shiny and healthy hair and for fighting aging. Aloe Vera gel is the processed extraction of this juice.

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Benefits for hair and skin

  • Aloe vera contains vitamin A, vitamin C, enzymes. its anti-inflammatory property helps skin to soothe the damage from sunburn and protect skin from further damage. If you apply this gel on the skin it will make a protective layer for the skin and make skin moisturized. Its antioxidant and mineral properties boost the healing process.
Wow aloe vera gel review
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  • Aloe Vera skin to treat burns, acne and dry skin.
  • It is a well-known fact that aloe vera benefits in skin burns, cuts, and other injuries because aloe vera has healing properties. This helps in 1st degree and 2nd-degree burn.
  • By using aloe vera we can reduce any kind of blemish from the skin. It helps to lessen acne scar, after a long time of use it helps to eradicate stretch marks from the skin. aloe vera has the power to increase collagen production so it helps skin to heal and soothe.aloe vera also lessen age spots, freckles, and fine line.
Spotless skin
  • A large quantity of Vitamin E, C, and beta carotene are present in aloe Vera. Its anti-aging property helps to remove skin blemishes and lessen the age line.
  • For hair aloe Vera also shows its magic. It helps to grow hair, reduces dandruff, and acts as a nourishing element to hair and scalp.
Wow aloe vera gel review
Healthy and shining hair

WOW Aloe Vera Gel

So now we see there are lots of benefits of aloe vera gel to the skin and hair. One can use ale vera juice direct from the plant or packaged gel available in the market, many brands are available in the market, but we have to choose wisely. Wow, aloe vera gel is my personal favorite. It has 99% pure aloe vera juice, it has no color and no fragrance. It cost rs.299 for 130 ml it is next to pure aloe vera juice.

Wow aloe vera gel ingredients

It is a multipurpose product for me

  •  Some times I use it for massage gel after scrubbing my face in the evening, then use a night cream. In the morning I get glowing skin.
  • I pour a small amount of aloe vera gel on half sliced tomato and massaged it on my face, then rest it for 10 min and wash with normal water and pat dry. It is very effective for a suntan.
 tan removal
Suntan removal
  • Use it with sugar for low-cost scrub.


  1. Colorless
  2. Non-fragrant
  3. Hydrates skin
  4. reduces the signs of aging.
  5. Absorbs fast in the skin.
  6. Good packaging, easy to carry.
  7. Economic in respect of what it provides.


Still now I have not found any. That doesn’t mean it couldn’t have. Tell me in the comment box below if you found any.


“WOW Skin Science 99% Pure Aloe Vera Gel” is one of the few products that I am totally satisfied with. Without any doubt, I am recommending this aloe vera gel for regular use. Though this is mostly without side effects but one should check for any type of allergies before use. Comment me below regarding your experiences with aloe vera gel.

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