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Check out Bloggerduo’s experience at Cafe Spilled Beans. We covered about COVID-19 precaution also. Read for No detour, straight review.

cafe spilled beans review

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We were thinking about visiting a café and spend some quality time there. So we were looking for some cafes which we have not visited yet. As a result, a few names appeared on the list. We will visit all of them one by one. Cafe Spilled Beans at Garia, Kolkata is such a name from the list.

cafe spilled beans review

            Cafe spilled beans is a small-sized café opened a few years ago for serving the quality to the people of Garia and surroundings. Many times I have seen this cafe to be filled with both teenagers and millennials. So this time we also joined the team. In this blog, I shall share the experience and give a thorough review. This blog also contains the measurement taken by Cafe Spilled Beans to prevent COVID-19.


Google Address of Cafe Spilled Beans:

 2, Garia Station Road, Barhans, Near Kavi Nazrul Metro, Opp. Borada Prasad High School, West Bengal 700084.

This café is just a few steps from the Garia Shitala Manadir landmark and exact opposite to the  Borada Prasad High School.

The Ambience of Cafe Spilled Beans:

The ambience is one of the key roles that matter for the success of a café. Because regular café goers visit a particular café for its ambiance that can relax his/her nerves. Cafe Spilled Beans is almost successful in this game. Beautiful soothing wall colors with geometrical drawings. Triangle/prisms are almost played like the theme. Beautiful prism-shaped light shades hanging from the ceiling. Cafe Spilled Beans has outdoor seatings also which I think perfect for enjoying a rainy evening( not for cats and dogs obviously).

cafe spilled beans review
outdoor seating

The interior contains two types of seating for a group of four and for a couple. A small book rack which has books of different tastes is also there. Photo frames with rhetorical quotes are beautifying the wall delicately. What I don’t like here, is the presence of a television set! Just play the music in sound boxes and set the perfect ambience into a surreal one. Maybe they can take votes from the visitors and set their music on youtube but of course without the video showing anywhere.

cafe spilled beans review
little book rack!
cafe spilled beans review

Hygiene & COVID-19 measurement:  

Excellent! This is the word I want to say first before writing anything in this section. Cafe Spilled Beans is doing a remarkably good job in case of taking precautions against the  COVID-19 pandemic. I’ll describe point by point

  • Before entering the café, there is a board politely requesting to wait for there crew to attain you.
  • Hand sanitizer spray is on the table to wash hands.
  • They are noticing from inside, so no wait for long. One of the waiters comes and does thermal screening.
  • If you pass the screening, walk inside the café behind him.
  • There were posters of Covid-19 alert inside the café.
  • No mask, no entry, and every staff is wearing masks and head caps.
cafe spilled beans review

Praise to their concerns. Overall the café was clean, no food residue was on the table or floor.

Service :

This restaurant was not much crowded that evening. The management was more than ready to help us promptly with the seating and the menu.

Food we ordered at Cafe Spilled Beans :

Cafe Spilled Beans has a small but compact menu with varieties. From English breakfast to various beverages along with pizza, pasta, Maggi, egg, burger, and sandwiches. Both veg and non-veg items are available here. We ordered some usual items like Coffee Frappe, Choco Heaven, Spilled Bean special Chicken Sandwich with cheese add on, and Chicken Cheese Burger. Our first preference was Hazelnut special, but unfortunately, hazelnut was finished.

Coffee Frappe of Cafe Spilled Beans:

That Frappe was strange. Why am I saying this? Because for the first half, it was delicious, smooth and I could enjoy the caffeine in every sip. But then suddenly at the bottom half, it became thick and sweeter. So much sweeter that it seemed like sipping chocolate health drink!!

Choco Heaven :

Like the name suggests It was heavenly, Paromita liked it very much. Foams & Mousse of chocolate, coffee, and cream were blended in perfect combination and made it a Must-Have beverage. Thanks, Cafe spilled beans for suggesting that.

cafe spilled beans review

Spilled Bean special Chicken Sandwich :

We had noticed that there were Café special sandwiches and ordered that. This one combines two slices of multigrain breads and filling of vegetables,chicken, cheese, and ketchup. We ordered cheese add on , so it was with extra cheese. The bread was toasted just perfectly. The sandwich was tasty and I recommend it without sauces. But I didn’t like the cheese, it was fresh but was not that tasty.

cafe spilled beans review

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Chicken Cheese Burger:

This is a simple yet tasty burger. There were large portions of everything from burger buns to chicken slice. The cheese was also adequate, the buns were soft, the chicken was well cooked. I enjoyed the chicken burger like a chicken burger.

cafe spilled beans review

Wallet Damage:

In our opinion, Cafe Spilled Beans will not cause pain in your pocket.


cafe spilled beans foodie meter rating

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