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Experience of our latest venture to The City Wok. We covered COVID-19 precaution at the restaurant also. Read for No detour, straight review.

the city wok momo

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This one was very special as it was the first venture to resume our gastronomical journey after the lockdown and amid the COVID-19 pandemic situation. We gathered our courage and decided to do justice with our appetites. So the search began for a special restaurant to start. The City Wok, Kolkata came to our notice in between this period. Though it is a newly opened restaurant, the positive reviews in Zomato and Google made us interested to visit the restaurant.

As It is said The City Wok, Kolkata is a newly opened restaurant but it has gained a reputation for serving good food and hospitality. So stick to the review for the real story. This blog also contains the restaurant’s precaution to prevent COVID-19. Let’s start.


Google Address of The City Wok, Kolkata:

 12, Loudon St, Elgin, Kolkata, West Bengal 700017

The easiest landmark for this restaurant is Belle Vue Clinic. The City Wok is located just opposite to this medical care institution and beside Gupta Brothers. One can not miss it.

The Ambience of The City Wok:

This is a small restaurant or you can tell still a mini food joint. A total of 10-12 people can be served at once. But this eatery is perfectly organized. There are three beautiful tables where two people can seat face to face in each. 5 (five) high rest seats are also there for those who want to seat with their friends and enjoy the roadside view. We took a two-seated table and enjoying our favourite songs,

“I took a pill in Ibiza/To show Avicii I was cool”.

-Mike Posner

 We were truly amazed by the ambience.

the city wok review

Service at The City Wok :

First, we thought the management was delaying to approach us. But then we understand that they were giving us some time.  They were very helpful and attained our every call. They carefully served us the food, always gave space, never interrupted us before finishing a dish.  We were a bit sceptical about the running condition of the restaurant amidst this COVID-19 situation. So we called the number given in Zomato and it was the number of the owner Shri Keshav Tiwari who was not available at the time. Then Mr Tiwary again calls back to say he was sorry that he couldn’t attend the call.  Even the chef was very helpful. Overall hospitality here put a smile in your face.

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Food we ordered:

 For a restaurant of this size, they have a nice spread of Asian and Chinese dishes. The City Wok even has a separate menu card for the chef’s special items. We have a picture of that.we had ordered Sizzler Momo, Corn Spinach Chicken Cheese Roll, Drunken Fish, and Veg Thai Rice.

the city wok review menu
chef’s special menu

Sizzler Momo :

The City Wok gave us one of the best sizzler momos we have ever had. Our journey started with great food. The momos were so succulent and well sizzled, you can see from the picture. The chicken filling was so tender and tasty, that it will melt the happiness in your mouth. The coating had the perfect thickness. The sizzler sauce was so tasty and blended with the momos in the right amount. This is a Must-Have dish.

the city wok review momo
sizzler momo
the city wok review momo
inside of sizzler momo

 Corn Spinach Chicken Cheese Roll :

This is another exquisite dish from The City Wok’s kitchen. It is one of the Chef’s special dishes. The dish itself manifests its charm. Beautiful golden soft crispy rolls filled with spinach, cheese, chicken, and corn. The spinach was so fresh, one can even notice the freshness from the picture. You can have the golden magic in your hand and cherish it.

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Highly Recommended!!

the city wok review food
golden magic
the city wok review food
fresh spinach

Drunken Fish :

Fishes in spicy gravy garnished with capsicum, spring onions, and chillies. The fishes were soft and juicy. No odour was there in the dish. The dish tastes good but not charming like the previous two.

the city wok review drunken fish
drunken fish

Veg Thai Rice:

A bowl of good yellow fried rice enriched with great vegetables. There were lots of Broccoli, Red Bell pepper, Yellow Bell pepper, Zucchini. The rice was fine and perfectly cooked. This is a perfect combination with any side dish. The quantity was enough for two persons.

Try this, you won’t regret it.

the city wok review thai veg rice
thai veg rice

            We were so enchanted with the deliciousness and the hospitality, we wished to meet and personally thank the manager and the Chef Mr Lama. They are very good persons.

Wallet Damage:

They are maintaining an excellence in service and  still now this restaurant is quite economic for what they are offering. Kudos!

Hygiene & COVID-19 measurement:  

 Though The City Wok is a very neat and clean restaurant, you cannot find a bit of dust anywhere, but in the case of COVID-19 situation, we felt they are were a bit casual. Apart from not offering contactless payment, there was laziness in offering sanitizer. Some of the restaurant staff was not wearing masks. I hope they will look after the matter. For this reason this is an Almost Perfect restaurant.


We recommend this young restaurant to visit and enjoy. We shall go back to there for sure to taste other delicacies.


the city wok review
the city wok entrance

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