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“Do we have to review this, can’t we showcase it ? ” Paromita asked me.Read Bloggerduo’s experience at The Blue Poppy,Thakali. No detour, straight review

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“Thakali people are an ethnolinguistic group originating from the Thak Khola region of Mustang District in the Dhaulagiri zone of Nepal.Thakalis are very organized people. They have neat kitchens and keep tidy houses.”


The Blue Poppy, Thakali is a very famous restaurant in Kolkata for its authenticity and taste. This is basically a Tibetan, Chinese restaurant also specialist in Momos(Nepalese & Tibetan). We were eyeing The Blue Poppy for a while and got a chance to visit there just before the COVID-19 situation. Here is the review of that visit.


Google Address of The Blue Poppy, Thakali :

 4, 1, Middleton St, Kankaria Estates, Park Street area, Kolkata, West Bengal 700071.

This food joint is very easy to locate. It is on the 1st floor of Sikkim Commercial House. The staircase is on the backside of the building.

The Ambience of The Blue Poppy:

The restaurant has both seating options: table-chair and cushion on the floor. The cushion on the floor is very unique and comfortable. The interior has a soothing orange color decorated with photo frames. Three different types of light shades are hanging from the ceiling. But it is a small restaurant, so a little bit congested all the time as all the time it is houseful.

blue poppy interior

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blue poppy interior

Service :

This restaurant is always crowded and there is always a queue outside. But the management is always very active and all the staff is happy to help. At first, we opted for a table and chair for sitting , then changed our mind and requested them to shift us to the sitting on the floor part. They gladly changed that as there was one empty place. The service was a little bit slow because of the fresh preparation of food.

Food we ordered at The Blue Poppy:

 As I have told earlier The Blue Poppy is famous for Tibetan cuisines and momos, the menu has a widespread of authentic Tibetan dishes along with momo varieties. So we stuck to the authenticity and ordered Chicken Open Momo, Pork Kothay, Pork Shapta, and Popo’s Fried Rice.

Chicken Open Momo:

“Do we have to review this, can’t we showcase it ? ” Paromita asked me. I smiled, “we can do both in our blog “.

I had an idea that momos were soft closed stuffed envelope type, served steamed or fried. Here we found Open momos. Open momos are beautiful and open. They look like flowers. You can have an idea from the picture below. Apart from the look, the momos tasted good and the skin was thin but nothing so special like the décor. One basket contained 10 (ten) momos. As these are not fried, momos were served in a bamboo steamer basket.

blue poppy open momo

 Pork Kothay:

Now it was time for Pork Kothay. Kothay is an original Nepalese dish, a variant of regular momo. Kothay is half steamed and half fried, usually, one side is fried and the other is not, though the pork inside it was very tender and tasty but the outer coating was much oily. As a result, the extra oil was ruining the dish. Maybe that was a bad day but I had tasted better. The plate had 10 (ten) momos.

blue poppy kothey

Pork Shapta:

This is a simple yet very delicious dish. Paromita liked this very much. Tender juicy pork chunks with soft fat were easily noticeable. It was not too spicy, but the aroma of onion & vegetables was great. Good combination with fried rice/rice according to her.

Popo’s Fried Rice:

We got instantly attracted to the name and description. The Blue Poppy, Thakali says “Our no-frills fried rice with the goodness of prawn & egg. Just how grandfather made it.”  The rice was a little thicker than usual fried rice but had a unique taste which was good. One will fell for this eventually

Wallet Damage:

In our opinion, the items priced a bit high but the dishes can be shared between 2-3 persons easily.


We had no issue at that time.


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