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nighttime skincare routine


 ~ Nighttime Skincare Routine ~ 

We all want to get flawless, radiant younger-looking skin. For that, we have to follow a thorough skincare routine i.e. a daytime and a nighttime skincare routine. Earlier I have discussed my daytime skincare routine, today I will discuss my nighttime skincare routine. I also think that only cosmetic products cannot give you your desired healthy skin, it also necessary that one should follow a proper healthy diet, light exercise, and seven to eight hours of sleep . Essential steps of nighttime skincare routine are given below.  It is always  necessary to remember that different types of skin need different types of skincare products . generally there are four types of skin i.e. dry skin,sensitive skin,oily skin,normal skin.

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 Cleansing is the first step for getting healthy skin. In the night at first, cleanse your face according to your skin type.

  • If you have dry skin use a gentle hydrating cleanser with no fragrance which does not dry out your face after using it. It should be in lotion form containing glycerin, shea butter, etc . it should be soap-free alcohol-free and paraben-free.
  • For oily skin foaming, face wash is ideal, which is soap-free and alcohol-free.
  • For combination skin, a gentle cleanser is needed which will clean the skin without drying out or making skin more oily.
  • We have to use a gentle skin cleanser for sensitive skin,that does not irritate our skin. As for example a soothing and calming cleanser like aloe vera based cleanser is suitable.

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 After washing the face, we should use a good toner.  The toner helps in maintaining the skin’s PH level, cleaning & unclogging our pores. Toner also helps to tighten our skin and also absorb the next product in our skin.  It purifies our skin and removes excess oil and dirt. Toner completes the cleaning process, keeps skin smooth and radiant. Pour adequate toner on a cotton pad and apply on face avoiding eye area.

  • For Dry Skin, one should choose a toner that helps to hydrate the skin well.
  • Alcohol-free toner should be used for Oily Skin as that will exfoliate the skin and remove dead cells, blackheads.  But the acid used in the toner should be balanced.
  • For Combination Skin rose water is best or any alcohol-free toner.
  • It’s a little bit tricky to pick a toner for Sensitive Skin, as any toner with strong chemical compounds can damage the skin. It’s better to use alcohol-free, non fragrant, pH balanced calming toner.

A clarifying toner can be used for all types of skin.

nighttime skincare toner

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 After a hectic day, we all need a restful, relaxing night and our skin needs it too. The skin around the eyes is the most delicate part of our skin. Some times it gets wrinkle before the age. Lack of sleep, stress, and unhealthy lifestyle anything would be the reason.  Dark circle around the eyes and under eye puffiness also makes us concerned. You should use a eye cream/gel, whichever is comfortable to your skin, around the eye area of your face. Take some cream/gel to the ring fingers of both hand and massage it in the circular motion around the eyes. Regular use of eye cream reduces puffiness,dark circle and wrinkle.


Who have acne problems, blemishes should use an anti acne cream or gel on a clean face, that reduces acne and helps to lighten the blemishes. After this next steps should be followed.


Now, this is a step you may consider as optional. But I would recommend you to apply a serum before applying moisturizer to the skin. Because serum is a very lightweight consisting of micromolecules that penetrates in the skin with ease. Serum helps in fighting against aging also.

nighttime skincare serum


And now it is the time to moisturize the skin well because without proper moisturization skin will lose its natural glow over time. every type of skin needs proper moisturization. In the night time we should choose such moisturises/face cream which provides proper moisturisation throughout the night and never neglect the neck area,apply adquet cream/moisturiser on the neck and massage it upwards. Though we have to choose different kinds of moisturisers/cream for different kinds of skin.

  • For dry skin, we have to choose a face cream that gives the skin complete hydration. It should contain hydrating ingredients like Shea Butter, Hyaluronic Acid, etc.
  • A gel-based moisturizer will be appropriate for Oily skin. Sometime a simple aloe vera gel will do wonder.
  • For combination skin, an oil-free moisturizer benefits the skin most.
  • We should use a calming and soothing facial moisturizer for sensitive skin. The moisturizer should not irritate the skin. Any harsh chemical is harmful to the skin. . Sometime a simple aloe vera gel will do wonder.

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Last but not least is lip care. sometimes we forget to take care of our very own precious lips. Lips get chapped and darker. Sunrays also harm our lip’s skin. A good lip balm at nighttime before bed may reduce the problems and we can get soft and supple lips in the morning.

nighttime skicare lip care

So, friends, this is my daily nighttime skincare routine. If it is helpful please let me know by commenting below.

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