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THE AWADH RESTAURANT,KOLKATA an renowned kolkata restaurant on Awadhi cuisine. Read Bloogerduo’s experience here,how was it?

The Awadh

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Both of us are hard-core fans of Biryani. We never miss an opportunity to eat biryani and kebabs. But as the time flows by, we become little choosy about biryani. So we always seek for restaurants with authenticity regarding our beloved dish. “The Awadh Restaurant” is a result of thorough searching. This Restaurant had both satisfied and upset us. I will tell you the whole story. So stay tuned or you can always fast check our foodie-meter below in case of time shortage.

            The Awadh Restaurant is a grand looking dine-out opened in 2018. This eatery offers Awadhi, North Indian and Chinese cuisine. Yes, we also wondered why do they have to serve Chinese!? In my opinion, it is better to stick to the genre that the name of the restaurant suggests. Anyways enough of this chit chats! Let’s come to the point. 


The google map address:

17, Circus Ave Road, Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose Rd,Lower Range, Elgin, Kolkata, West Bengal 700017

The Awadh Restaurant is located in the Park Circus Area near seven point crossing. It is on the immediate next road to Syed Amir Ali Avenue. It has a large signboard but that is covered by the flyover. So just follow Google map.


This one is a themed restaurant with grand decoration. While Photo frames with painting and pictures, big mirrors, swords & shields are decorating the walls, staircases, various beautiful light shades &  chandeliers are the ornaments of the ceilings. You can see the jali works on the partitions. Even the washbasin was very nice and fit with the ambience.

            Though the Interior was eye-soothing, the sofas were torn. They should have looked after this matter.

the awadh
the awadh


They took a little more than 15 minutes to serve the starter. The staffs were very welcoming and ready to help.  Whenever we had asked for, were attended without fail.

Food (Quality & Quantity)

This is a vital part of this review. This restaurant could not provide all the items that were listed on the menu. We asked for Irani Vetki but returned with Not available! Then we opted for Murgh Cheese Kebab, Roasted Mutton, Mutton Dum Ghost Handi, Lachha Paratha, Shahi Tukra, and AWADHI BIRYANI !!

Murgh Cheese Kebab

This was delightful, filled with soft juicy chicken pieces with a coating of melted cheese. This could have been gifted if it was not too much salted.

the awadh

Roasted Mutton

It was roasted mutton kebabs. This was tasty but not a major league player.

Mutton Dum Ghost Handi

It contained three pieces of succulent mutton but was not too tasty.

Lachha Paratha at The AWADH

This was the real attraction at The Awadh Restaurant, we had never tasted like this one. It made up for other dishes and converted the combinations delicious. We are not posting a photo of this, because you won’t get the right idea about this just from the picture. You have to to taste it buddy!

Shahi Tukra

I say this was was pure bliss, so soft, melted in the mouth instantly.


Awadhi Biryani

Now comes the Awadhi Biryani. Not only we had to wait for a long time but what they had served was not good. Not Recommended.  Maybe we should have gone for plain mutton biryani. 

All the above items were eaten by two of us. But those can be shared among three persons also.

Wallet Damage

This restaurant will not pinch a hole in your pocket, but don’t take this one as cheap also.

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The management had maintained proper hygiene at every place, we were fully satisfied. Take a look at the beautiful wash basin.


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