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The Beanshot Cafe is very renowned for its service and uniqueness. We were excited to visit “The Beanshot Cafe. Dive into blog for the review


Thd Beanshot Cafe  Foodie-meter, scroll down below to check.


Preface :

Nowadays quite a number of good cafes opened surrounding the Garia area. We are trying to visit them one by one. After a satisfying visit to “Café Spilled Beans”( read review here), we decided to visit another café – “The Beanshot Cafe”.  This one is a very renowned café in the whole of Kolkata for its service and uniqueness. So we were very excited to visit “The Beanshot Cafe”. So let’s dive into the blog for the full review and as usual, I shall present the measurement taken by The Beanshot Cafe to prevent COVID-19.



Google Address of The Beanshot Cafe:

C-16, Baishnabghata Patuli Township, Opposite 45 Bus Stand, Kolkata, West Bengal 700094

This café is just a few steps from the Garia 45 Busstand and in between Samarpan marriage Hall and Palki restaurant.

The Ambience of The Beanshot Cafe:

On the first visit, we were a little surprised as we thought this was bigger than medium size café. But later we realized that sie doesn’t matter!!! Because of its warm welcome and cozy ambience. There are small groups of friends but a solo traveller will not feel left alone also. There were tables and high rest tools. Seating is available indoors and outdoor both. The walls are decorated with quoted photo frames and a structure of a motorbike. But I liked the whole frame of the lights on the ceiling, that was impressive! Everything was in great tune.

Hygiene & COVID-19 measurement:  

Great! This is the word the management deserves. They are trying almost their best to prevent the Covid-19 pandemic.

  • Before entering the café,  they were humbly asking for a temperature checkup and wash hands with Sanitizer.
  • If you pass the screening, walk inside the café behind him.
  • No mask, no entry.
  • Every staff is wearing masks and head caps.
  • Options for payment through an online payment.

I appreciate their efforts wholeheartedly with a small request for a little more gap between the tables as the ambience a little too cozy for Covid-19.

The Beanshot Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Service :

The service was great and unmatchable. At first, we were going back as the café was totally full, but they noticed us from inside and rushed to stop us and found a table. We were very much glad and impressed by this warmness. Every time we asked for any help whether it was regarding refill or a new order or to understand any item on the menu, they were glad to help us.  Just a little mishap happened, they forgot to give our main course before dessert!! But we couldn’t be upset as they were super apologetic. As this café was crowded, the service was a bit slow. So go there with time in hand.

Food we ordered at The Beanshot Cafe :

The Beanshot Cafe has a great range of food items from breakfast to full meal to great desserts. The menu covers American, Italian, continental cuisine, and some of the Great coffee items. They have a widespread of beverages also. A special attraction is selfiecchino, where you can get your or your group’s photo on the cappuccino. Fish, chicken, and pork all three are available here. We choose some of their recommendations and some from the description on the menu card. We had ordered  Virgin Daiquiri, Dirty Loaded Prawn Fries,  The Illegal Chicken Barbeque Avalanche, and Lemon Butter Fish.

Virgin Daiquiri at The Beanshot Café:

 This one is a special item of the café. Paromita has ordered this. this is like a good combination of Sprite and ginger ale. This one was coloured yet so transparent that we could see every fizz. There were mint leaves and lemon peels that made the beverage flavoured. This drink is very refreshing and can be enjoyed for a long time. Recommended

Rating: 4/5

Dirty Loaded Prawn Fries :

Like the name suggests It was Dirty, Dirty with golden melted cheese and it was heavenly when blended with Prawn and shrimps and finger fries. We liked it very much. though one plate contains enough for two but one plate is never enough for one’s appetite. This is a Must-Have dish.

Rating: 5/5

The Illegal Chicken Barbeque Avalanche :

Here comes the star of the evening, The Illegal Chicken Barbeque Avalanche. This is the real Gem of The Beanshot Cafe. You will get 4 Big burgers with juicy barbequed chicken patties and top of them the delicious cheese glacier. There are also lots of french fries. MOST RECOMMENDED !!

Rating: 5/5 (I would have given more than 100% marks if I could)

Lemon Butter Fish:

This is a simple yet very tasty continental dish burger. Small fish fillets in a white sauce served with mashed potato. The fish was very fresh and well cooked, a real treat for fish lovers.

Rating: 4/5

Wallet Damage:

In our opinion, The Beanshot Cafe will not cause pain in your pocket as they are serving some heavenly foods.

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