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Grapes & Malts, Kolkata is a newly opened family restaurant in South Kolkata. We were planning to visit this one for a few days and finally visited there at the start of this winter. Read the blog to know the experience


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grapes n malts review
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Preface :

Grapes & Malts, Kolkata is a newly opened family restaurant in South Kolkata. We were planning to visit this one for a few days and finally visited there at the start of this winter. At first this joint served a wide range of items including continental but we couldn’t visit then. But then the menu was limited and in recent while they have again expanded the menu which I shall talk about later in this blog, the menu is limited. In this blog, I shall give a thorough review and try to cover every aspect. This blog also contains the measurement taken by Grapes & Malts, Kolkata to prevent COVID-19.

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Google Address of Grapes & Malts, Kolkata:

23, Sahid Nagar Rd, near KK Dutta Club, Sahid Nagar, Garfa, Kolkata, West Bengal 700078.

 This restaurant is on the left side of the main road if one comes from Ballygaunge.

The Ambience of Grapes & Malts, Kolkata:

This is a medium-sized family restaurant. Both sofas and chairs are there. As the restaurant is on the first floor, one can enjoy the roadside view from the big glass windows. This eatery is not congested but also not a fancy one. A beautiful aquarium was present there to refresh the mind.

grapes n malts review
grapes n malts review

Hygiene & COVID-19 measurement:  

The restaurant along with the restroom was very clean, especially the washroom was dry and not smelly. Grapes & Malts management have tried their best to prevent this COVID-19  pandemic. I’ll describe point by point.

  • Before entering the restaurant, the customer will be checked for thermal screening and provided with hand sanitizers.
  • There is a QR code on the table, scan it for order or payment, if you want.

The cutlery set and the plates were made of thin woods and were disposable. That was a good decision.

  • No mask, no entry, and every staff is wearing masks and head caps.
  • I would like to mention that there was a sanitization gate at the entrance but don’t know whether it was working or not, though the first time while we tried to visit this restaurant, that gate was working well.

The safety measurement was great but it could be better by adding some more options like sanitization of the table before the customer, e-billing.

Sanitization Gate

 Service :

From the management to the waiter everyone was so humble and attentive. They gave us time to choose the menu and helped us do the same.

Food we ordered at Grapes & Malts, Kolkata :

Grapes & Malts had a widespread in their previous menu with some delicious continental dishes. They even offered Hookah service at the time of Durga Puja. But now the menu is short, mainly contains North-Indian and Chinese items. We tried our best to pick from that menu and review the food. We had ordered Spicy Chicken wings, Chicken Malai kebab, Masala Kulcha, Plain Nun, Fish Tikka Masala, and Soft Drink.

Edit: in recent while Grapes & Malts has extended their menu which is appended below.

Spicy Chicken wings:

They have made this item good. The chicken was fresh and juicy yet crunchy. The spices were in the right proportionate. Though this item is a Chinese dish but can be a real good starter for both Indian and Chinese meals.

Rating: 4.5/5

grapes n malts review

Chicken Malai kebab:

Then we opted for Chicken Malai Kebab. As they are using disposable plates, but they tried their best to decorate this dish. This item is a MUST-HAVE item here. I don’t know whether Grapes & Malts will maintain the same quality in case of delivery, but in the restaurant, we had one of the best malai Kebabs. The chicken was well cooked, soft and you can feel the juice literally. The chicken pieces had a soft coating of cheese which was delicious. The chutney they have served was also perfect.

Rating: 5/5

grapes n malts review

Masala Kulcha & Plain Nun:

Masala Kulcha was good, not very spicy, filled with mashed potato and several spices. It was not very thick but good with main courses. I felt the plain nun a little bit hard but it was not burnt.

Rating: 4/5

grapes n malts review

Fish Tikka Masala:

Another good item to try at Grapes and malts, Kolkata. This dish is offered in two varieties, with Basa fish, and with Vetki fish. Vetki fish will cost you an extra Rs.100/-. We opted for Basa fish and regretted it because that dish was so tasty with basa, Vetki will made the dish a Superhit. The dish was a little sweet and spicey. The grave goes well with both bread and rice. Three medium pieces of fish were given in that item. Recommended.

Rating: 4.5/5

grapes n malts review fish

Wallet Damage:

Zomato Pro facility is available. Moreover, this restaurant offered us discounts for the next four visits. So this eatery is not at all costly.


For their behaviour, great cooking, and the latest menu I would like to visit again. But I really hope that they will restart the Continental menu soon.


grapes n malts review foodie meter rating

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