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Kasturi Restaurant , Barrackpore Branch is a fine Bengali and Dhakai cuisine restaurant. Read the full review to get the detail


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kasturi barrackpore review
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Today I am going to review a branch of a famous restaurant chain that is close to our heart. Previously we had visited their Ballygaunge and Gariahat branches several times, this time we had visited the branch in the north. I am talking about KASTURI RESTAURANT, Barrackpore branch.

We had visited this branch with expectations, let’s see how much of them have been fulfilled by Kasturi, Barrackpore. This blog also contains the measurement taken by Kasturi, barrackpore to prevent COVID-19.


This one is near Barrackpore Station road, you can take a rickshaw or walk 5 minutes, it situated on S N Banerjee Road in Maya Complex.

The Google map address: SH 2, Barrackpore, West Bengal 700120

Google  map link I have giving below:


This is a medium-sized eatery with simple decoration. I liked the false ceiling and the pictures on the wall that depict moments and fractions of Bengal’s culture. The restaurant is not at all congested. But it was empty, maybe due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Later some more guests came for lunch. I liked the paintings of Bengali “Babuyana”.

kasturi barrackpore review


We had a good waiter who likes to listen to our demands. The food takes about 15 minutes to serve depends upon the choice of order.

Food :

Food is what we always craved in Kasturi. Kastur’s delicacies cover-up for all other weaker points. Here one will find Dhakai Cuisine in its best form. We ordered some of the restaurant’s signature dishes and also some other dishes: Bengal Fish (Vetki) Fry with kasundi, Jhur Jhure Alu Vaja, Kachu pata Chingri vape, Chicken Dhakai Roast, Bowal Kalia, Aar Bori Begun Diye Jhol, Shona moong dal with peas, and Mishti Doi(Sweet curd). We asked for their iconic Sheele Bata and Tel Koi, but unfortunately, those were not available on that day.

Bengal Fish (Vetki) Fry with kasundi:

This item was delicious, we get the deliciousness of pure fresh Vetki, the size was reasonable for the price. The outer side of the fish fry was crunchy and filled with thick fillet.

Rating : 5/5

kasturi fish fry

Jhur Jhure Alu Vaja:

 This potato fry made me nostalgic about my childhood. It was the best alternatives to potato chips. I just missed the peanuts in it.

Rating : 4/5

kasturi barrackpore review

Kachu pata Chingri vape:

This item my most favourite item Kasturi. I always order this. this item directly came from heaven. Nothing compares to its taste. The blending of mustard, shrimp, and aroid leaves was a celebration for our taste buds. Highly recommended. One plate can be shared by two persons. This branch had also made this item delicious but they made it too oily, so this item could be better.

Rating : 5/5

kasturi kachupata

Chicken Dhakai Roast:

Plain white rice or roti with this chicken dish is just awesome. Roasted chicken pieces dipped in spicy gravy was a good alternative to Tikka masala.

Rating : 4/5

Bowal Kalia:  

Two medium pieces of Bowal fish were on one plate of this item. The fish was fresh and well cooked but I didn’t like the taste very much.

Rating : 3.5/5

Aar Bori Begun Diye Jhol:

 This fish item was delicious and a superhit with plain rice. We liked the taste and again they have served fresh fish.

Rating : 4.5/5

kasturi ar bori

 Shona moong dal with peas:

Moong daal and peas with a smell of Ghee was just perfect. It forced us to take more rice.

Rating : 5/5

Mishti Doi(Sweet curd ):

As Rasamalai was not available, we opted for sweet curd. It was good but nothing special.

Rating : 3.5/5

kasturi barrackpore review

Wallet Damage :

 Kasturi is very economic in our opinion. Every dish can be shared by two people. Two bowls of plain rice are enough for three people.

Hygiene & COVID-19 measurement:  

The restaurant was neat and clean. But what made me a little bit unhappy, that the lack of consciousness regarding Covid-19. They were wearing masks but did not measure our body temperature or provide Sanitizer. Kasturi is a big restaurant, ope they will look after this.


If you want a mixture of Deliciousness, traditional, and pure Dhakai cuisine must check this one. We will visit once again to try Bekti Sizzler.


kasturi barrackpore review

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kasturi barrackpore review


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