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A young cafe at barrackpore is ready to amaze you. read the full review here


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Nowadays we like to visit newer and different cafes across the city. So this time, I had news about this young café at Barrackpore. Their reputation was growing day by day. So we decided to visit there and taste their delicacies. The Bararackpore branch is a franchised branch of Gujrat based Frespresso café chain and this is their only branch in West Bengal as per its website.

For a quick review, you can always scroll down to check our foodie-meter and we have done the review of Covid-19 measurement also.


Google Address of Cafe Fresspresso, Barrackpore:

10, SN Banerjee Rd, Barrackpore, Barrackpore, West Bengal 700120

We hopped on a rickshaw and reached there, this café is a little far from the station and opposite Lakme Salon, and adjacent to the Reebok showroom.

The Ambience of Cafe Frespresso, Barrackpore:

We get a vibe of goodness just entering the café, slow volume music was going on, which is my favorite in a Café. From Bruno Mars to LP, they have every collection. The walls were simple but Guitar and Dartboard were hanging on them. The café has a good roadside view and a small library but with a good collection from Amish, robin Sharma to R.N. Tagore book for every person was there. Some other board games were also available. A mini Foosball Table was also there! I must say a great place to hang out and don’t know why Zomato is showing No seating option available !!! I shall surely inform Zomato.

fresspresso barrackpore review

Hygiene & COVID-19 measurement:  

This café is extremely serious abou Covid-19. They tried their best to prevent it. Other than that the Café was clean.

  • The only menu card is available through scanning of QR codes.
  • Body temperature screening and sanitization were mandatory.
  • No mask, no entry, and every staff is wearing masks and head caps.
  • Contactless payment option s available.

 Service :

We are satisfied with their service. They were very helpful and attentive always. Food takes more than five minutes to serve but that’s not bad quality.

Food we ordered:

Café Fresspresso has a good menu to offer, it has a great spread. From breakfast to full course meal every option is available there. They had a great beverage menu. We ordered Irish Coffee, Choco Exotic, BBQ Grilled Chicken, Fish and Chips, and Double Layer Chicken Royal Cheese Burst.

Irish Coffee:

They have made Irish coffee fabulous. It had a strong flavor of coffee and had a unique bittersweet taste. The texture was very light but felt velvety on the taste buds. This coffee can make one refreshed in a minute. A MUST-HAVE item.

Rating: 4.5/5

fresspresso barrackpore review

Choco Exotic:

The eatery had recommended this ad it was totally worthy of a recommendation. There was a good amount of ice cream and the whole beverage was not watery. It was very delightful to have. But one thing I missed, the amount of coffee, it was less. RECOMMENDED!!


fresspresso barrackpore review

BBQ Grilled Chicken:

This dish can be described in one word only- Excellent!  The chicken was very well grilled and tender. The chewiness gives the juice in every chew. Special mention for the BBQ sauce, this one made the whole dish different.

Rating: 4.75/5

fresspresso barrackpore review

Fish and Chips:

Now, this is a GEM! One of the best Basa fish I have ever had. The fish was so fresh and the cooking was so delicious, we were mesmerized. It was flawless, even the mayonnaise was finger licking. One should MUST TRY  this while visiting Cafe Fresspresso.

Rating: 5/5

fresspresso barrackpore review

Double Layer Chicken Royal Cheese Burst:

We ordered one of their pizzas also. It was fluffy and the crusts are good. But didn’t like the spreading and blending of cheese and chicken. For cheese lovers, this may be good but I didn’t like the taste that much.

Rating: 3.5/5

fresspresso barrackpore review

Wallet Damage:

What is this café serving at which price, I must say it is pretty economic.


Cafe Frespresso, Barrackpore is one of those cafes which are worthy for more than one visit. This is a cool joint in the Barrackpore neighborhood area.


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fresspresso barrackpore review
fresspresso barrackpore review

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