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Enjoy your winter weekend at Rang de Basanti Dhaba, Sodepur. This is our review blog on this simple but decorated joint.

rang de basanti dhaba

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rang de basanti dhaba

Rang De Basanti Dhaba is now a very renowned restaurant chain with its 06(six) restaurants cum modernize dhabas all over Kolkata and outskirts. Previously we had visited the Saltlake branch and were moderately satisfied. This time we decided to visit the Sodepur branch. An winter special event is going on in all the branches of Rang de Basanti Dhaba. It is called “Soup, saag and Sardi”. In this blog, I shall give a thorough review and try to cover every aspect. This blog also contains the measurement taken by Rang De Basanti, Sodepur to prevent COVID-19.

rang de basanti dhaba review

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SH 2, Peerless Nagar, No. 3 Deshbondhu Nagar, Sodepur, Kolkata, West Bengal 700115

This branch is very easy to spot as it is situated on the top floor of the same building where Reliance Trends and Maxx Store have stores also.


This is a larger than medium-sized restaurant. Though they haven’t spent a lot on seating arrangement but the interior decoration is unique. There is a model of real size tractor in the middle of the restaurant, it is the signature decoration of Rang De Basanti branches. There are options to seat beside the windows, though the roadside view was not that pleasant. The restaurant has unique light sheds- inside the kettle, you can see it in the eatery.

rang de basanti dhaba review
rang de basanti dhaba review

Hygiene & COVID-19 measurement:  

We used the washroom and were satisfied with the cleanliness. Gabbar and Basanti’s sketches were to recognize gents’ and ladies’ washrooms respectively. Rang de Basanti had not the best but a good system of precautionary measures against the Covid-19  pandemic. Before entering the restaurant, the customer will be checked for thermal screening and provided with hand sanitizers.

  • Body temperature screening and sanitization were mandatory.
  • No mask, no entry, and every staff is wearing masks and head caps.
  • The safety measurement could be better by adding some more options like sanitization of the table, options for e-billing, order by QR code scanning.
rang de basanti dhaba review

 Service :

Everyone especially the waiter for our table was very humble and nonpushy. He helped us a lot in the selection of the dishes.

The food we ordered:

As I have told you earlier, an winter special event was going on, the additional menu has been added to the regular menu. The regular menu is small but compact and covered almost all sides of North-Indian and Punjabi cuisine. We had ordered Sarson ka Saag & Makke ki roti from the seasonal special menu, Dilli Ka Butter chicken from their recommendation, Masala Kulcha, and Gajar Ki Halwa.

Sarson ka Saag & Makke ki roti:

I have heard of this famous dish many times but never have tasted it before. So this time we opted for this. This item is just awesome! They had given 2 nos of make ka roti which were prepared from maize flour. They were a little hard and of yellow color. But those were a perfect combination with the Sarson ka saag. Sarson ka saag was delicious and was in paste form, just combine them with the Gud(jaggery) and white butter, it becomes heavenly.  RDB gave an ample amount of saag, one can order more pieces of bread with it.

Rating: 5/5

rang de basanti dhaba sarson ka saag
rang de basanti dhaba makke ka roti

Dilli Ka Butter chicken:

This is a signature dish of Rang De Basanti Dhaba. We have ordered it and became surprised by the beautiful combination of Tomato, chili, butter, and chicken. it’s like all of them were dancing salsa in my mouth. MOST RECOMMENDED!!. You will get 4 pieces of good quality soft chicken and a great combination with jeera rice or any kind of Indian bread.

Rating: 5/5

dell ki butter chicken rdb

Masala Kulcha:

This was what we got a little dissatisfaction from. Masala Kulcha was so-so and only stuffed with potato, it was like Aloo Paratha. FYI kulcha was made of atta.

Rating; 3.5/5

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Gajar Ki Halwa:

I had one of the best Gajar ki Halwa at  Rang De Basanti, Sodepur. It was well cooked and well proportionated. You can feel the carrots and their sweetness in your mouth. We never felt too much sweetness which can make you uncomfortable.

Rating: 5/5

Wallet Damage:

This restaurant provided us discount coupons for our next visit. But I felt this restaurant was a little bit expensive in comparison to other restaurants of its category.


If you want to take a chance, visit now to try out their Winter Special menu.


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rang de basanti dhaba review
rang de basanti dhaba review

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