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This travel blog is the best tried manifestation of our last trip to Goa. This part talks about the New Year celebration and Palolem Beach

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So let’s start from where we have left the first part of the blog about our GOA Travelogue. First, let me apologize for the late publishing of the second part of the blog, some unavoidable circumstances in this post lockdown period made me busy. But now this website shall be more regular, we promise that. This blog is our travelogue of Palolem Beach.

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We left Ozran for Palolem on 30th December as we intended to celebrate 31st Dec eve at the beautiful Palolem beach. Our Hotel manager was very helpful and arranged a car for us.

Way to Palolem:

chapora fort palolem travel blog
Chapora Fort entrance

We had an agreement with the car that on the way to Palolem beach, we would visit Chapora Fort. So started our journey at 10.30 AM and arrived at the main gate of Chapora Fort at 11.00 AM sharp. The fort was built on the top of a hill by Adil Shah. One has to climb quite a distance on steep hills, but the scenic beauty from the top is worthy of all efforts. We can saw the whole Vagator beach and the sea. The fort has no room left, not even in ruins but only the walls and the gate remains. Cucumbers and lemon water was selling here and there. . We stayed a little bit more and then resume our journey.

Vagator beach from Chapora Fort

On the way, we stopped to get Paromita Tetvac injection as she cut her leg yesterday at Sunburn Festival on an iron fence. We were impressed by Goa’s medical system provided by State Govt. they were neat and clean, organized, and very helpful. Around 04:30 we reached Palolem.

Stay at Palolem:

As this was the peak time of the year, not many budget options were available.  We booked a room at Beach Bliss, Palolem beach through Airbnb, though it was simple but with all the amenities. We were committed to spending most of the time at the beach, the inn served best as it was just next to the sea beach, only 59 footsteps away! The room was clean. We had a Very Helpful attendant-Yousuf. The room was pest-free, with no mosquito/bug. Beach bliss is quite economic and grat option to enjoy Palolem beach.

Palolem :

Beach and Sunset:

Palolem Beach

After checking in, we refreshed quickly and get out to have some snacks and watch the Sunset. We went to Round Cube beach sack, where they had both seatings inside the shack and seatings on the beach options. Obviously we went for the beach seating option to get a better view and ordered beer with Fish n chips. In Goa, I would recommend King’s beer always. It has the perfect Goan vibes and one can enjoy the ambiance in a unique way. Another great thing is Fish n chips with kingfish and Kingfish Rawa fry, they are delicious and I have never felt more good while having these two anywhere other than GOA.

So while we were relaxing, the sun was preparing to go down. And then suddenly it caught our attention, what a view!! Only one word came into our mind,


Sunset at Palolem Travel blog
Sunset from Palolem beach

Sunset at Palolem beach is a must-do thing in one’s travel itinerary. The Palolem beach itself an art, she is the queen of Goa.  This is a long half-moon-shaped beach surrounded by coconut trees. The beach huts are colourful and eye-soothing. This is one of those places where one can find happiness. The little green hills in the sea and around the beach enhance the beauty of Palolem.

Candlelit dinner:

At evening and night Palolem looks beautiful, lots of beautiful shacks are there with their offerings. We went to one of them. The table was on the beach and it was candlelit. All were so perfect. we ordered Chicken Sizzler and Goan Crab Curry. Nothing much to say about the dishes except deliciousness. They were smooth.

Palolem Travel Blog
Chicken Sizzler
Palolem crab
Goan Crab Curry

After dinner, we took a walk by the sea and suddenly we felt Palolem is MAGICAL!! Every couple should experience Palolem, it is a perfect destination…

“I hear a lot about sinners

Don’t think that I’ll be a saint

But I might go down to the river, uh

‘Cause the way that the sky opens up when we touch

Yeah, it’s makin’ me say

That the way you hold me, hold me, hold me, hold me, hold me

Feels so holy, holy, holy, holy, holy”

palolem travel blog
Palolem beach at night

Dolphins & Butterfly beach:

The next day we woke up and had our breakfast early as we were planning to do a little voyage. We were going to Butterfly beach and watching Dolphins in the mid-sea. Butterfly beach is a beautiful little golden beach and full of greeneries. The journey through the sea was of half an hour and one of a kind experience. Butterfly beach is awesome, I have heard that this beach is the home to butterflies, Goan crabs, and goldfishes if you do the hiking you might experience them. We would like to do that next time. Clearwater, Bright Sunshine, and Happy faces everywhere that’s all you need on a Year ending. We are very Thankful to Palolem for that.

Butterfly beach
Butterfly beach palolem Travel blog
Butterfly beach

Dinner at Dropadi and Welcoming New year:

That was 31st Dec eve, it was time to celebrate. So we went to Palolem Beach’s most famous restaurant DROPADI. That Dropadi was full, we had to wait for about half an hour at the bar to get a table. Goa, Dropadi, Palolem were looking Gorgeous on that festive night, so wasParomita. When we got to our table, we can see Dropadi was a mini world. People from every corner were there. We ordered one seafood sizzler and one Griddled squid, shrimps with spicy chili sauce, and one plain rice. God!! They made those dishes heavenly tasted. We enjoyed one of the great meals.

seafood sizzler dropadi palolem
seafood sizzler at Dropadi

 In between the clock is ticking, we came out to the beach again around 11.30 PM. By then Palolem beach was totally full of tourists and local people. And then the Magic happened.  Every restaurant started the show of fireworks. The sky was full of lights and good wishes were everywhere. At that time Palolem beach was like an enchanted valley.  A blissful environment was all over the place, once again we felt to be lucky to be there, to be in a jovial place like that. A new year came to our life and gave us the strength to fight against all the odds whether it is Corona or any other. We humans shall never be defeated. The next day we left Palolem for Colava and Panjim, which will be in the next blog.

“My father said

“Don’t you worry, don’t you worry child

See heaven’s got a plan for you

Don’t you worry, don’t you worry now”


Ohh, oh

“Don’t you worry, don’t you worry now”

Fireworks at Palolem Beach

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bloggerduo palolem at dropadi
at Dropadi

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