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SNACKING is an cafe cum restaurant in South Kolkata. We have visited recently. Read our blog to get the full review.No detour, straight review

Snacking,Kolkata cafe review

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Snacking,Kolkata cafe
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Preface :

Snacking, Kolkata the ‘all day café’ is now a well-known café  with a lot to offer. We were planning to visit this marvel since we have spotted the café. Snacking has started its journey on March’2018 under guiadance of co-owner Shri Prateek Didwania an IIM scholar. Snacking is more than just a café. In this blog, I shall share the experience and give a thorough review. This blog also contains the measurement taken by Snacking,Kolkata to prevent COVID-19.

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Google Address of Snacking, Kolkata:

188, 60 2, Prince Anwar Shah Rd, Lake Gardens, Jodhpur Colony, Lake Gardens, Kolkata, West Bengal 700045

This restaurant is just a few steps from the South City Mall on the opposite side of road. This joint is situated  in a broad lane beside “After-a family Salon”. You can not miss the big lit signboards of both.

The Ambience of Snacking, Kolkata:

Snacking is a beautiful eatery with an very eye soothing décor and great vibes. This restaurant has three separate blocks with a seating capacity of more than Fifty persons at a time. Every block or room here has different theme and décor. Crossroads on the wall , money plant, twigs on the ceiling and books in the shelf-  a perfect grouping with friendly phrases adorning everywhere. This eatery is a blend of greenery, food and quality leisure.  Visit this café to visualise the charming relaxation. Snacking, Kolkata also conducts live music and open mic comedy shows.

Snacking,Kolkata cafe decor
Snacking,Kolkata cafe decor

Hygiene & COVID-19 measurement:  

Snacking has done some serious job in case of taking precautions against the  COVID-19 pandemic. I’ll describe point by point

  • Before entering the restaurant, the customer will be checked for thermal screening and provided with hand sanitizers.
  • Before you take the table, they will sanitize it in front of you with sanitizer fogging and spray gun.
  • There is a QR code on the table, scan it and order it online or one can order by WhatsApp.
  • We were served Kadha , the immunity booster drink. Impressed!
  • Provided cutlery in a sealed envelope.
  • They even sanitized our masks.
  • No mask, no entry, and every staff is wearing masks and head caps.
  • Customers are offered three formats of payment – Contactless UPI payment, Card payment and payment by cash.

           Praise to their concerns. Overall the restaurant was very clean and shining.

Service :

Service is something Snacking should have been proud of. The management is always ready to help without any fuss. Especially Kuhu who waited our table is a very humble and graceful lady and always served us with warm gratitudes. We were satisfied.


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Food we ordered at Snacking, Kolkata :

Snacking has foods of various cuisines and their specialties are continental like Italian and Russian, Indo-Chinese foods are also served here. They have a great beverage menu with lots of mocktails, milkshakes, mojitos, coffee, and teas. We had ordered Kiwi Lemonade, Iced Mocha, Chicken Blini, Malta Chicken, and Grilled Chicken in Creamy Cheese Sauce.

Kiwi Lemonade:

Paromita had ordered this to refresh herself and I sneaked in for a sip or two. This cold beverage looked so beautiful with a cherry and lemon piece on top.  It was made from kiwi, lemon, and mint. Thus the ingredients gave an eye-soothing green colour to the drink. They served it in a voluminous cup, so you can’t complain about the quantity. And after the first sip, this one felt like “Vacation in a cup”. Kiwi Lemonade was that refreshing, even they asked my wife to take a sip first and tell if she liked the balance of ingredients.Overall you will enjoy this drink.

Snacking,Kolkata cafe

Iced Mocha:

“Snacking” is famous for its coffee and they have kept their fame intact. Iced Mocha was exactly like iced mocha, but I missed the option of topping with whipped ice cream. I should have told the waitress to add more coffee than chocolate because sometimes it felt like cold bournvita, but that’s my fault for not giving proper instruction. Again “Snacking” served this in a huge glass, so happy.

Snacking,Kolkata cafe

Chicken Blini :

11 out of 10 !

If I could give 11 out of 10 marks to one food dish, that is the Blini we had here. Blini is the Russian and Ukrainian variety of pancakes. It is made of flour and chicken or mushroom filled inside of it. These are squared shaped items and cooked in butter, milk, and egg. The outer coating is so soft, it will melt in the mouth, then the creamy paste will fill yourself with unspeakable joy and magic! We liked their Food garnishing also. Most Recommended!

Snacking,Kolkata cafe blini
Snacking,Kolkata cafe blini

Malta Chicken:

Again we made a great choice. This is a unique creation. Chicken with Malta orange and a beautiful gravy made of garlic, orange pulp, and black pepper(I think). And Oh man! again the garnishing was terrific.  This dish contained 6 (six) pieces of  Chicken in two skew sticks. The gravy tasted awesome. A good appetizer. Must try it.

Snacking,Kolkata cafe

Grilled Chicken in Creamy Cheese Sauce:

This is a continental type food dish. The dish contains mashed potato, herbed rice, sauté vegetables, and chicken grilled with creamy cheese sauce.  The rice tasted good and the mashed potato was ok. I liked the sauté veggies. But the chicken was a little chewy, but the gravy tasted delicious, cheese was yummy.

Snacking,Kolkata cafe

Wallet Damage:

Snacking, Kolkata will give  all the satisfaction for every penny you are going to spend here.

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Snacking,Kolkata cafe foodie meter

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