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Dermafique three-step skin care system. we have to follow the basic three-step skincare to restore the natural glow in our skin and aging.

dermafique three step


We all are today’s women and we all are busy.some are busy homemakers and some are working angels. We all know how to live and want to live our life to the fullest. But we sometimes forget to indulge ourselves because we have no time, I think this is a total excuse. Sometimes we cannot follow a five or six-step skincare but we have to follow the basic three-step skincare i.e. cleansing, toning, moisturizing because I think we all can afford the time. A little regular skincare can restore the natural glow in our skin it also slows down the process of aging.  In this scenario, Dermafique came like a boon to us. Dermafique and its three-step skincare system , a luxurious set at an economic budget. In this blog, I shall discuss in detail about the products.

About the brand Dermafique:

Dermafique is ITC’s venture in the skincare range. ITC is an Indian conglomerate with a market capitalization of US$35 billion and enlisted in Forbes2000. So the satisfaction is guaranteed. ITC  says that “Dermafique brings to you an intelligent skincare system, developed in partnership with dermatologists and cellular biologists.” And it’ll benefit us with zen-like skin. Products of Dermafique have won several Coveted “Cosmopolitan India Beauty Award”s.


Dermafique acne avert [cleansing mousse]:

This is the first and foremost step of this skincare regime and it is a very vital step for achieving the perfect skin. In this step Dermafique acne avert cleanses the skin, reduces oil secretion yet does not makes the skin dry. It is soap-free. Oil-free, paraben-free, and silicone-free. It is also a non-comedogenic product. It damages the biofilms formed by acne-causing bacteria, drastically reducing the occurrence of acne. This only one of its kind practice unclogs pores, clears out excess sebum, and helps heal acne spots.

 Dermafique Ph restore[ cleansing mousse]:

This cleansing mousse removes impurities and prevents future damage  .it’s maintain the skin’s Ph level and it is suitable for normal, dry, oily, combination skin type. this next-generation cleaning product powered by skin-smart micelle technology repairs and restores the bio-defense of the skin mantle. It is soap-free, alcohol-free,paraben-free. It is dermatologically tested on Indian skin.

Dermafique All Important Skin Toner

TONER: After washing the face, we should use a good toner. Dermafique created Magic with their toner, it’s really all important.  The toner helps in maintaining the skin’s PH level, cleaning & unclogging our pores. Toner also helps to tighten our skin and also absorb the next product in our skin.  It purifies our skin and removes excess oil and dirt. Toner completes the cleaning process, keeps skin smooth and radiant. Dermafique all-important skin toner is a clarifying toner cleanses pores so the pores do not get clogged. It restores the skin’s Ph equilibrium and purifies skin to make it radiant and smooth. It is an alcohol-free, paraben-free clarifying toner and dermatologically tested on Indian skin.


Dermafique hydra tonique[gel fluid]:

And now it is the time to moisturize the skin well because without proper moisturization skin will lose its natural glow over time. Every type of skin needs proper moisturization. This one is the best hydration for oily as well as combination skin. Since I have combination skin, this product gives my skin complete hydration. It is lightweight as well as fast-absorbing. This product claims that it prevents transepidermal water loss and, true to its word, this gel fluid keeps every promises that it has made. this product is non-greasy non-oily.

Dermafique Hydra tonique Gel Creme :

The consistency of this gel-creme is intense. the texture of this gel-creme is fine and creamy and it is ideal for dry skin. It has amazing fragrances. This is fast absorbing so feels very light on application and good for sensitive dry skin and slightly helpful for pigmentation.  After applying skin feels non-greasy and fresh. In my opinion, it is one of the best gel creams to keep skin hydrated and young. It makes skin soft and supple and tightens by repairing it making skin visibly glowing and radiant.


So it is obvious that I’m very much satisfied with the products of Dermafique. Try these products and let me know how was your experience, please comment below. There are links in this blog from which if you buy the products, will get the same discount as the website offers and I will get a commission that will be a great support for continuing this blog.



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